Diving BlocksReady to take the plunge?

Joining requirements for the Club are for the swimmer to be able to swim 25 metres of front-crawl, back-crawl and breaststroke with regular breathing and also be able to swim 100 metres of any stroke without stopping. They must also be able to tread water for one minute.  Most swimmers joining the club have previously attended learn-to-swim programmes.

You are welcome to come along and try out – Please email to make the arrangements and then come along to the pool at Monmouth School for Girls for an assessment.

You will have the opportunity to meet the coaches and show them what you can do. They will talk to you about the club and its aims and discuss your swimming and fitness.

You will be invited to give Monnow a go with a 3 training session trial and asked to complete our membership pack. Please email for more details.

More information about Monnow Swimming Club fees can be found here.