Membership Fees

Once you have joined the club, there are two parts to the fees:

1. Swim Wales Membership (annual payment)

Membership of Swim Wales provides each swimmer, and the club, with insurance and allows members to enter swimming competitions organised by Swim Wales and British Swimming.

  • £39 per swimmer (2023)

2. Monnow Swimming Club Fees (paid monthly by Direct Debit)

Academy – 45 min sessions

1 session/week – £18 per month

2 sessions/week – £28 per month

Development/Advanced Development/Regional Performance – 90 min sessions

2 sessions/week – £32 per month

3 sessions/week – £36 per month

4 sessions/week – £40 per month

5+ sessions/week – £44 per month

Note monthly fees are invoiced at the beginning of the month and are for the current month.  You need to give us 2 week’s notice if you leave the club to avoid being charged for the next month.