Butterfly Master Class

Monnow swimmers had a treat on Sunday 28th April when David Wren, a former US national team swimmer came along to give them the benefit of his experience and run a masterclass on Butterfly.  After a warm up David took the stroke back to basics, starting with a simple dolphin movement, teaching the swimmers to lead their stroke from their chest rather than their head.  Gradually he build up the stroke, demonstrating at each stage and then assessing the swimmers and providing guidance and advice.

The Monnow coaches took advantage of the session, using the time to learn from David and to watch the swimmers.  New Head coach, Jane, was very impressed and has plans to film the sessions so Monnow can create a library of training video.

It was a great session and we hope to run more of these masterclass sessions over the coming weeks, starting on May 5th with a Backstroke session.