Coaching Aims

Squad 5          >1000m

 Technique        Stroke, sculling

Intro to            :-          Butterfly, water starts, drills, touch turn and tumble turn, aerobic work, relays – f/c and TM, diving, lane discipline.

Distance swim             5minutes

Time Trial                    100m  

Squad 4          1000m > 20000m

 Technique        Developing basic strokes, starts, turns, streamlining, lane discipline.

Intro to:-          Dive starts, drills, anaerobic work, IM swims.

“Competitive Start Award”

Distance swim             10 minutes

Time Trial                    200m

Squad 3          2000m > 3000m

at least 2 nights a week

 Technique        Developing strokes from basic to efficient, drills, starts, breakout, turns etc.

Intro to :-         Stroke count, race rules, anaerobic work, sprints, target times.

Distance swims           5 &10mins

Time Trial                    200m & 400m


 Squad 2          3000 > 3500m+

at least 3nights a week

 Technique        Developing strokes from efficient to effective.

Conditioning   Aerobic, anaerobic work.

Intro to:-          Micro cycles, anaerobic threshold work, negative splits, tempo.

Distance swim             10 mins

Time Trial                    400m

Squad 1          3500m+

at least 4 nights a week

 Technique        Developing effective strokes.  Conditioning as above. Use of HRM (eventually).

Distance swim             10 & 15 mins

Time Trial                    400m

Occasional 1000m & 1500m