Splashdown 2013! New Season Launch

Splashdown 2013!

Chairman’s Address – Richard Sparkes

The Code of Conduct for swimmers has been updated. New packs will need to be signed by each swimmer and will be available soon.

The packs include details of the video feedback technique that will now be used in training. For examples see the training videos on youtube. Please note that permissions to allow swimmers to be videoed will be in the pack.

Monnow is a competitive club. The club will encourage swimmers to enter competitions including the  Wyvern League and open events that are specially targeted for o

ur club swimmers.

The Club Championships will be on Sunday 29th September and are open to all swimmers. The championship races will be swum over 25m & 50m distances. Longer distance races will also be held on different days – more details soon. The idea of the championships is to set baseline times for our swimmers in a competitive environment. Swimmers will be encouraged to keep personal logbooks to show their progress and improvements on their baseline times. The club has many existing records that have stood for many years so there are lots of opportunities for swimmers to break them.

The Club Awards Night will be on Friday 11th October. There will be prizes for age group winners, new Club records, Personal Bests and Coaches’ Awards. The Club Awards Night will be held at the Rugby Club in Monmouth (next door to the Police Station).

A new kit supplier is being sourced and each swimmer will now receive a Monnow t-shirt as part of their membership.
On 12th October we will hold the Monmouthshire Challenge against many of the local clubs. Monnow want to retain their position as reigning champions. This is a home gala with plenty of  friendly rivalry. The Monnow team will be picked by the coaches.

Head Coach – Jane Sambrook

The main aim of the Head Coach is to coordinate all coaches to ensure each swimmer gets the training appropriate to them. There will be new criteria to allow swimmers to move between squads. Most of the new swimmers will start in the same group and have two half sessions so as not to be too overwhelming.

Jane has prepared a  list to vary and alternate workload and technique increases as swimmers move through the club. Jane recognises that age and gender are  less relevant to performance potential in swimming than other sports, although she is careful not to overwork young swimmers.

New swimmers (Group 5) starter kit initially comprises a costume, goggles, hat and a drinks bottle with water or really weak squash that can be sipped through training. As the swimmers progress to Group 4, a mesh kit bag,  kick board,  pull buoy and fins are also needed. In Group 3 additional items are an ankle strap and hand paddles (without wrist straps).  Groups 1 and 2 also require drag shorts and rashies.

Jane will concentrate on lane discipline and swimming technique to start with this season. Swimmers should be prepared to come to training with the correct kit, enthusiasm and their brain as well! Jane expects swimmers to be in the water on time.

Squad 5 should train at least once per week; Squad 4 twice a week; Squad 3 at least twice, 3 times is better. Squad 1 & 2 train together, at least 3 times a week, preferably 4. Ideally the top squads should train on Mondays.
Jane has prepared a stroke rotation chart which supports distance work and fitness – mainly through front crawl and backstroke for building up stamina.

Jane encourages parents to ask questions of  coaches at start, end or any breaks in sessions.

Other News

– Newport Xmas Cracker is a development meet for all swimmers, particularly younger ones.

– Xmas Party. This is a social evening with a quiz and food. This will again be held at the Monmouth Rugby club.