What kit do I need for each group?

New members/Squad 5

New swimmers (Group 5) starter kit initially comprises a costume, goggles, hat and a drinks bottle with water or really weak squash that can be sipped through training.

Squad 4

As the swimmers progress to Group 4, a mesh kit bag,  kick board,  pull buoy and fins are also needed.

Squad 3

In Group 3 additional items are an ankle strap and hand paddles (without wrist straps).

Squads 2 and 1

Groups 1 and 2 also require drag shorts and rashies.

Equipment Bag

New members


Swim Hat

Boys- Close fitting swimming costume.

Girls  – Close fitting costume with a cross over back.

Squad 4    

As above plus

Mesh bag


Swim hat


Pull buoy

Squad 3    


As above plus

Ankle strap

Swim fins

Hand paddles


Squad 2 and 1

As above plus

Drag shorts

Rashie – close fitting technical top